"Atithi Devo Bhava" is a Sanskrit phrase which means:

"Guest is God"

We delight in knowing you come back to us time and time again. After over 3 years, this means an enormous amount.

To our new diners: Welcome!

New Season Indian Restaurant is a proud restaurant institution in Phnom Penh Cambodia, and our menu captures flavors and cooking styles from every corner of the beautiful continent that is India.

Annapurna is the Goddess of nourishment. She is empowered with the ability to provide food for unlimited numbers of people and we'd also like to think that we are.


Dear customer Greetings,

New Season Management are coming soon with many facilities  and hospitality with customer

we have many Weldon plan as

Mekong revere view room with balcony, breakfast, coffee, milk tea and bellow will be new season Indian restaurant with authentic South and North Indian cuisine 



1. Welcome with a glass of Cool Free Mineral water

2. Complimentary of Indian papa dum with 4 kinds of pickle

3. Stander Service with Fresh Indian Mughlai Foods

4. Desert of a Gulab Jamun as after the Meal   

Season Foods

Whether You Are A Veggie Lover Or A Meat Carver, New Season Indian Restaurant’s Assortment Of Flavorful Delicious And Affordable Menu Is Sure To Satisfy Even The Heartiest Appetite. Our Centuries Old Tradition Of Preparation And Hospitality Are Yours To Enjoy. Please Come And Allow Us To Serve You. Our Food Is Prepared By Very Experienced Chefs Having A Number Of Years Of Experience. The Recipes Are Fine-Tuned And Precise And A Lot Of Minute Detail Goes Into Preparation Of Any Dishes

Barbeque chicken with a topping of golden corn loaded with extra cheese. ... Bite into supreme delight of Black Olives, Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Pepper BBQ Chicken, Peri-Peri Chicken, Grilled Chicken Rashers. ... Treat your taste buds with Double Pepper Barbecue Chicken, Peri-Peri ...

Our Team

Masters Chefs of converting Authentic Indian, Asian, Western, Thai, Chinese Nepalese Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangala Deshi Cuisine into customer satisfaction

Mr. Ghimire

Managing Director

We have a committed long standing team along with a few new faces. Our acclaimed head chef Mr. Anand Rana, has been here from day one and his team in the kitchen average 18 years of service. Mr. Rana's philosophy as a head chef is that if your team is happy, 

 Mr. K. C Rao

Voice President
Calcutta, West Bangal, Ghaziabad  

calm & energetic, from that good food full of love will come. Restaurant Manager Mr. Rama is on floor with waiteress and waiter are on floor team dedicated to ensuring you have a fabulous experience, many of whom have been is on floor 

Mr. Arjun Basnyat

Nationality: Indian
 Tandoor Chef

We love feeding people. Our local clientele, our multiple countries customers and resident’s customers are like Indian food too! Our tourists on a good tip off are all always welcome and in 2018 we have a few exciting surprises in stall for you all.

Mr. Chandan Singh 

 Nationality: Indian
 Tandoori Chef
The Indian cuisine reflects 5000 years of history of various cultures interacting within the subcontinent, leading to the diversity of flavors and regional cuisine found in modern day India. An Indian diet consists of fruit.


Mughlai is a type of cuisine that came about as a result of the Mughal rule in India from 1426 to 1857. During that time in India's history, the food was rich and cooked with aromatic spices, nuts and dried fruits. The flavors of Mughlai can range from mild to spicy.  It is pronounced "moog-lie."

More About Mughlai

Mughlai represents a cooking style that was used in northern India, in places such as Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. It was also used in Pakistan among Muhajir people there. Mughlai cuisine also appeared in the Indian cities of Bhopal and Hyderabad and Central Asian cuisine largely influenced the flavors.

The official language of the Mughal Empire was Persian so many Mughlai dishes have Persian names. They can also have Turkic names. The dishes were once prepared for royals and emperors, who likely expected the very best food. And they dined on these flavorful meals that combined the spices and flavors that embody cuisine from India.

Some of the Muslim names in Mughlai dishes include biryani, pulao, kebabs, and kofta. The strong influence of Muslim cooking styles is evident throughout Mughlai meals. Mughals left a lasting impact on India, which is evident as Mughlai dishes are still very common and desired today. 

Trying and Making Mughlai Indian Food

The preparation of Mughlai food was likely time-consuming and very involved with the number of flavored sauces and butter-based curries. It's almost like it was created to make people want more food because it can be that indulgent! The names of these foods are also so intriguing, which may tempt people to try new dishes in the Mughlai style. 

Most Indian restaurants interpret Mughlai style as mild to medium-hot cream and nut based gravies, rice dishes with lots of nuts and dried fruits and rich creamy desserts. Expect (in a good restaurant) spices like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. Gravies are usually quite common in Mughlai dishes and they go well with rice and bread alike.

Common dishes that take on Mughlai flavors typically include kebabs, kofta (meatballs), pulao (or pilaf) and biryani. Mughlai is found in popular dishes such as Mughlai chicken, malai kofta, reshmi kebab and murg tandoor. Other dishes include Mughlai biryani, Mughlai paratha, and kadhai gosht. Mughlai can also be used in desserts such as  the bread pudding shani tukra, barfi, kalakand, and falooda. 

Though many Mughlai meals are rich, decadent and savory, they are commonly offered in lighter versions too. You can lighten them up by substituting more healthful ingredients. With its historical roots, Mughlai traditions are still very much alive today in kitchens across the globe, whether at home or in restaurants. 

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